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Science Friction

Science Friction

If you've ever been amazed by some of the "facts" portrayed in sensational "documentaries" about the paranormal, flying saucers, mega fauna etc, then maybe those amazing "facts" are not as factual as they are portrayed.

The film industry, including the makers of so called "documentaries" are all about the ratings. Could it be that the search for ratings is more highly valued than the search for truth?

Science Friction is a documentary that will shed open your eyes to the real facts that the film industry don't want you to know.

"Finally, a documentary about scientists who get misrepresented by the media.
Those TV documentaries you see, and the science experts they feature? Did you know that producers often edit them out of context, and twist their words, to make it seem like they promoted some pop sensationalism instead of the real facts?"

"Science Friction is going to expose these faux documentaries by name, and will give the scientists a chance to clear the record. The film is intended for theatrical release. The production is being crowdfunded right here on this page."

Scientists and experts being interviewed for the documentary include Richard Dawkins, Michael Mann, Steven Novella, James Randi, Mathew Wedel, Alice Kehoe, Jonathan Davis, Kevin Folta, Riko Muranaka, Richard Wiseman, Seth Shostak, Garry Nolan, Ken Feder and Brian Brushwood. 

This is going to be the documentary that the mainstream documentary makers won't want you to see. You can help produce this documentary by joining in the crowd funding on the web page Science Friction

The film will be produced by Skeptoid Media, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, so all crowdfunding donations are fully tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.