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Orbiting Railgun Battery to go Online in 2018

Orbiting Railgun Battery to go Online in 2018

An Orbiting Railgun Battery (ORB) is set to come online in early 2018. This super weapon is a project of the Australian Secret Shadow Government (ASSGOV). Secret until now. Two whistle blowers Dr Hugo Jarse and Dr Michael Hock have leaked details of the plan, and the implications for the world are enormous.

The ASSGOV covertly runs Australia from an undisclosed location, rumored to be in a vast network of underground tunnels. The headquarters is said to be directly beneath Ayers Rock in the Australian Northern Territory.

Easily Obtained Parts, Mostly

Asked about the technology, Dr Hock replied that the ORB system is not complex with most of the working parts being sourced from online engineering suppliers like Small Parts and Bearings. According to Dr Hock plans for the drive system of the ORB were provided by Proxima B aliens from the Alpha Centauri system.

The Plan

Dr Hugo Jarse claims to be an ex member of the ASSGOV planning committee. Asked whether the ORB is to be used for world domination Dr Jarse replied that the Australian super weapon is not intended to be used for oppression. Australia plans to use the weapon as leverage towards world nuclear disarmament. Additionally, humankind will be united under the "protection" of the ORB. The concept of  "countries" will be abolished, and a standardised world culture will be adopted within 5 year of ORB deployment.

Global Culture Changes

Dr Jarse summarised some worldwide cultural changes that will follow ORB deployment.

  • Meat pies and beer are to become standard Friday lunch everywhere.
  • All clocks will be reset in accordance with Brisbane standard time. Some locations may find a reversal in night/day hours difficult but the ASSGOV committee think the concept will be accepted for the common good. 
  • All major national holidays are to be moved to 26th January to coincide with Australia Day.
  • Some linguistic changes are also planned, including the adoption of a more concise English language. For example the word "breakfast" will become "breakie", "barbecue" is to become "barbie", "mosquito" will become "mozzie". 
  • Oppression of women will be outlawed. One of the first new worldwide laws will be to remove all requirements for women to cover their breasts in public.

These are but a few of the changes the ASSGOV intends to make in the interests of worldwide solidarity.

The aliens from Proxima B deny any involvement.


The evidence is not concrete, and is based solely on the word of two people who may have an unknown agenda. It is entirely possible that the sole reason for the statements given by these "whistle blowers" was to gain some gratuitous exposure for the online store Small Parts and Bearings. Also, the denial of any involvement by the Proxima B aliens detracts further from the credibility of this story.


We are keeping an open mind. It is after all the word of Mike Hock and his colleague Hugh Jarse versus the word of some respected aliens.



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