The chupacabra is a creature believed by some to inhabit many parts of the Americas. The name "chupacabra" means "goat sucker" in Spanish. This descriptive name was given to the creature due to the claim that it was responsible for the deaths of goats by exsanguination (removal of the blood).

Zig Zag Possible Explanation

I know this combination of events sounds to be a little improbable, but from the research I was able to do I believe that meteors do in fact skip off the atmosphere and I can see no reason why they wouldn't.

Zig Zagging Meteor

... it approached towards the direction where it had started from, only a little lower and it had once again started to slow a little. This had to be the end of the meteor I thought, still puzzling over the u-turn it had made. But what came next was even more surprising. As I tracked the meteor now travelling a little slower from east to south east, it very abruptly turned back again to head south east to east at a slight declination once more.

Principles of Curiosity

Principles of Curiosity is a free film from Skeptoid Media. It presents a general introduction to the foundations of scientific skepticism and critical thinking, focusing on a simple process we call the three Cs.

Betty & Barney Hill (Alien Abduction)

A compelling aspect of this case is that the details of the abduction recounted by the Hills are extremely comprehensive, and that whilst not always in agreement with each other, more often than not the account told by Betty matches the account told by Barney. 


What do You See?

Have you seen the pictures of the "Face on Mars" or the "Spire on the Moon"? Are these pictures evidence for extraterrestrial aliens, ancient civilisations or simply for a natural process of the complex structure called the human brain?

Interstellar Travel

Faster than light travel certainly would make interstellar exploration more exciting, but our current knowledge tends to preclude this as a possibility. Nonetheless, we don't know everything, so let's hope there is something our scientists have missed here. It certainly would be nice if scientists have gotten this one wrong.

Lake Monsters

In Scotland a lake is known as a loch, pronounced lock, and arguably the worlds most famous lake monster is the Scottish Loch Ness Monster. The Loch Ness Monster is affectionately known as Nessie by the locals.

Nessie is famous throughout the world, and has been investigated by several research teams using underwater cameras and sonar. Despite these attempts, Nessie has never been proven to exist.

Does 0.999... equal 1? Yes and no, depending on how you look at it. Within the confines of the real numbering system and in all practical usage it definitely does. Throw away the confines of the real numbering system and try to envisage that string of 9's floating off forever and you can safely say that 0.999... never reaches 1.

Alien Visitation

Jun 25

Alien Visitation


We explored the likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe on our Universal Life page and we arrived at the conclusion that it is quite credible to believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life probably does exist. The next question is whether extraterrestrial life is visiting the Earth.

Universal Life

Of course there are people claiming to have removed "technology" in the form of alien implants from people's bodies. None of these supposed implants have ever been scientifically verified. The most likely origin for these implants is nothing more unusual than foreign bodies (shards of glass, splinters) that have entered the subjects body and have been subjected to the bodies natural protection processes of surrounding the offending object with tissue.

This site is intended to document strange things, including mythical creatures, aliens, strange concepts such as the expanding universe hypothesis, dark matter, dark energy, the Mandela effect and many other things that seem weird, strange or unusual.